August Birchbox

August 2016

Inside this month 

I always look forward to seeing the latest design of my birchbox each month. To find that this month I had received a birch-bag, made me high-pitched 'ohh'. I immediately started thinking of where I can take my new bathroom bath. Inside, did not disappoint. 


1. Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner 

Unlike most waterproof products, the Marcelle eyeliner does not feel waxy or difficult to apply. It is soft and glides on smoothly with full pigmentation. I have already used this on the waterline of a few brides with confidence that it will not be cried off by happy tears as they walk down the isle. 

2. Philip Kingsley 

This was the product that I first reached for in a last minute rush out of the door at 5am on route to my first makeup appointment of the day. It was a product that I immediately thought was a necessary item, rather than a nice to have. I have since used it many times and even on a friend who said 'wow, that is refreshing'. All in all, a product that I will be purchasing :) Thanks Birchbox.

3. Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum

Another product that I now can not live without! Iv never found a blemish cream that has worked for me until now. I can't decide if I am angry or sad about finding this product as I will now need to repurchase this, over and over again. 

4. Anatomicals - Citrus Body Scrub

This week I have discovered body scrubs, not only have I now used this product but have also had  a body scrub treatment on a spa day. Wow, what a discovery! 

5. Merci Handy - Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel

I always carry antibacterial gel in my kit and seem to obsessively use it. This was a very welcoming product in this months birch-bag. It smells delish! Great to use when I have my hands next to faces all day 

6. English Laundry

This fruity perfume smells like a fresh garden and fits perfectly in your hand bag. .