Eyeliner tips

Pen or Pot?

I have tried many different eyeliners. Pens, Felt Pens, Pencils, Gels, Pot liner and I can see a clear winner when it comes to which product I feel works best. The Bobbi Brown gel pot liner is my fav for a few different reasons:-

  • It doesn't dry out too quick 
  • The shades are great  
  • It is very long lasting


A few tips for getting your eyeliner right and to stay on

  • Prime the eyes! Eyelids can be very oily and without primer first, it isn't going to last very long. 
  • Use a good brush. I can recommend the real techniques liner brush or Mac 266 and 210 are both great.
  • Use brown (espresso) instead of black. Bobbi brown do an espresso colour which gives a much softer liner look than the jet black. I use this a LOT for weddings or more natural makeup and it makes a dramatic difference
  • Use Micropore tape to get your lines straight. Don't use sellotape as this can rip off the tiny hairs on your face around your eye. (I will do a YouTube Tutorial on this one day)
  • Always put liner on after your lashes and fill in any gaps. 
  • Use olive oil Q-Tips. (Buy here) These are so tiny and great for correcting any little mistakes. You can get 25% off these until Monday 1st Feb using the code ESCENTUAL25.
  • Practise. It really is possible to simply practise and get better and better at it with the right tools. :) 

I hope this post helps!

Love love love xxx