Mac's cosmetics Christmas keepsake pigments objects of affection

Having purchased Mac Cosmetic pigments before, I was very unsure of how often I would use these new pigments. Knowing that they are not as easy to use as a pressed shadow and can be messy, I figured these Christmas minis would be for special occasions only, HOWEVER…..this has not been the case! I purchase the copper and blue set around 2 weeks ago now and keep finding myself using them for everyday wear as well as shoots and fashion shows. I have also become very fond of using the blue pigment set to give a tint of blue to a black smokey eye.

Pigment tips:-

1) My biggest tip when using pigments is to make sure you start with eyes before the foundation or skin. There is always more fall out when using pigments so make sure to wipe any excess off that falls before putting foundation/concealer on.

2) Use the right tools. Make sure you are using a good brush. Mac’s 217 is great. Always buff the pigment onto the back of your hand before using it, rather than taking the products straight from the pot.

3) Always use an eye primer. I have used many eye primers including smash box to urban decay and find I always go back to Mac paint pot in painterly. Using the primer makes a huge difference when applying eyeshadow but makes an even bigger difference when applying any pigments.

3) Glitter pigments – the glitter pigments can be difficult to use without a base or glitter glue. Glitter glue is the most effective and safest way to apply glitter, especially when putting it around your eyes. If you do not have glitter glue, use a cream shadow first then apply directly on top. This will help the glitter to stick.


4) Blend blend blend. Blend is your friend. Again using a Mac 217 blend the pigment out so that there are no patchy pigment blots on your eyelid. Build it gradually, you will most likely be surprised as to how little you will need to use.

Overall I would give Mac’s Christmas Pigments a 9/10. Each pigment keepsake collection comes with 5 different colours and is only £26. Considering one pigment is usually £17 this is a fantastic deal. They come in a lovely box and would be a great Christmas present. Highly recommended.

See my Instagram page for some mac pigment ideas and looks.

Love love love xxx